17-20 Sep 2019 Nancy (France)

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What you need to know to come and stay in Nancy !


To come to Nancy (Nancy-Gare) From Frankfurt airport (Germany)

              Shuttle from Frankfurt to Nancy (quai “Sainte Catherine”, close to “place Stanislas”) https://www.flibco.com/en#/booking


To come to Nancy (Nancy-Gare) From CDG airport (Paris)

Solution 1:

              a) from CDG Airport to Lorraine TGV  : TGV (Fast Train – Terminal #2) takes about 1hour 30 minutes

              b) shuttle Bus from Lorraine TGV station to Nancy Gare (Nancy Train Station)


Solution 2:

              a) from CDG Airport  to Gare du Nord (Station in Paris) using RER B ( Paris Suburb train)

              b) from Gare du Nord to Gare de l'est  : 600 meter walking  / 1 station using Metro 4 or 5

              c) From Gare de l'Est to Nancy Gare : TGV (Fast Train) takes about 1hour 30 minutes


* I would suggest sol 1 but  the number of train are limited


In Nancy: 4 places :

- Nancy Gare - Nancy Train station (3 Place Thiers Nancy) - Trolley T1 Stop " Nancy Gare"

- Campus ARTEM ( 82 Rue Sergent Blandan, Nancy) - Trolley T1 Stop " Campus Artem Blandan"

              - Location of the Conference:  In Amphi 200 : Spintronic Workshop/  in Amphi 100: Mathematic Workshop/ in A003-A004 for  Lunch

- Place Stanislas (Place Stanislas Nancy) - Trolley T1 Stop " Cathédrale"

              Hotel de la reine : 2 Place Stansislas

              Hotel de Ville : 1 Place Stansislas : Gala Diner on Wednesday 18th at 19h30

Résidhome Nancy (9 boulevard de la Mothe) Trolley T1 Stop " Division de Fer"

More infos about Nancy : https://www.nancy-tourisme.fr/en/









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