17-20 Sep 2019 Nancy (France)

Health Technology session

Health, Technology, and Humanities in the XXI Century

Date : 21st - 25th September 2019

Location : Nancy (site Libération) & Metz (campus Bridoux)


Scientific coordinators

  • Professor Ryuta KAWASHIMA (Director, IDAC, Tohoku University)
  • Professor Jérôme DINET (Director, 2LPN, EA 7489)

Participants : Patrick CHARPILLET (Researcher, INRIA), Matthieu CASTERAN (Associate Professor, 2LPN), Laure COUDRAT (Associate Professor, 2LPN), Jérôme DINET (Director, 2LPN), Laurent DUPONT (Researcher, ERPI), Patrick HENAFF (Professor, Loria), Christel JACOB (Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, CHRU Nancy, 2LPN), Thérèse JONVEAUX (Dr., Neuropsychologist, CHRU Nancy, 2LPN), Professor Ryuta KAWASHIMA (Director, IDAC, Tohoku University), Pascaline K’DELANT (Associate Professor, 2LPN), Yutaka MATSUZAKI (Associate Professor, Tohoku University), Vincent MONFORT (Associate Professor, 2LPN), Rui NOUCHI (Associate Professor, Tohoku University), Rie RYOKE (Associate Professor, Tohoku University), Kohei SAKAKI (Postdoc Dr.), Noriki YAMAYA (Ph. Student, Tohoku University), Eloise ZEHNDER (Ph.D student, 2LPN/INRIA)

Localisation : Nancy (site Libération) and Metz (campus Bridoux)


Objectives : In the twenty-first century, global public health approach will be completely restructured. Reliance on complex technologies like ICT, nanotechnology, robotics, immersive environments and artificial intelligence (AI), which were previously only used in fields like computer science and physics, will become the new trend. Using such advanced technologies would become megatrends of public health in new and exciting ways. Because making the 21st Century the Century of the Healthspan, we must develop innovative technologies to enhance and support the human interaction between a healthcare provider and patient or individual with specific needs (e.g., young children with cognitive impairment, elderly people, individuals with visual impairment, people with dementia, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder), not in competition. In this seminar, human factors will be in the core of exchanges and presentation by providing a cross-cultural approach.





  • September 21st - ARRIVAL - Transfer from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport to Metz (Jerome will wait for you in the train station ; Transfer to the hotel) ; Diner in Metz (free)


  • September 22th

    • 9h00-12h00 : Tourism : Visit of the town of Metz for the European Heritage Days
    • 12h-14h00 : Lunch in restaurant El Theatris (Metz: https://www.eltheatris.fr/), invitation by the 2LPN Lab
    • 14h00-17h00 : Visit of the opera of Metz and of the Pompidou Museum (with Lee Uffan exhibition ; https://www.centrepompidou-metz.fr/ja/agenda/)
    • Dinner in Metz (free)


  • September 23th  (location : campus Bridoux, Metz ; Amphithéâtre Ferrat)

    • 9h00-9h30 : Official opening of the seminar with Mr. Nicolas Oget (Director of the UFR SciFA) and presentation of the seminar (Jérôme DINET & Ryuta KAWASHIMA)
    • 9h30-10h15 : Oral presentation - Smart aging. The most recent cognitive intervention using ICT for prevention of the dementia in Japan (Professor Ryuta KAWASHIMA, Director, IDAC, Tohoku University)
    • 10h15-11h00 : Oral presentation - Role of gait initiation in the analysis of human behavior (Dr. Laure COUDRAT)
    • 11h00-11h30 : Coffee break - Salle du Conseil de l’UFR SciFA
    • 11h30-12h15 : Oral presentation - The JAZ research program: what benefits of healing gardens in the care of the elderly? (Dr. Thérèse JONVEAUX & Dr. Christel JACOB)
    • 12h15-13h30 : Lunch (Organized by the 2LPN Lab ; Location: Salle du Conseil de l’UFR SciFA
    • 13h30-14h15 : Oral presentation - Assessment of emotion (Dr. Cécile Langlet)
    • 14h15-15h00 : Oral presentation - Impact of lifestyle on brain development (Yutaka MATSUZAKI, Associate Professor)
    • 15h00-15h30 : Coffee break - Salle du Conseil de l’UFR SciFA
    • 15h30-16h15 : Oral presentation - Benefits of cognitive, exercise, and nutrition intervention on cognitive health in older adults (Rui NOUCHI, Associate Professor)
    • 16h15-17h00 : Oral presentation - How and why the brain tells times? (Dr. Vincent MONFORT)
    • 17h00-18h30 : Visit and Demo of the platform MoCap Room /  Snoezelen Room (location: Aile STAPS UFR SciFA) by Matthieu CASTERAN, Vincent MONFORT and Jean-Philippe HAINAUT


○      Cartoon analgesia in the pediatric plastic surgery population


○      Rehab-Gaming/Physio-Gaming for specific populations' practice


○      Motion capture of whole body movements in an anxious sound environment


○      Snoezelen Room : a multi-sensory environment.

  • Dinner in Metz (Invitation by the 2LPN Lab)


  • September 24th (location : ERPI - LF2L ; https://erpi.univ-lorraine.fr/)

    • At the morning (7h30) : Transfer from Metz to Nancy by train (with Jerome)
    • 8h30-9h00 : Coffee & Welcome in ERPI Lab
    • 9h00-9h45 : Oral presentation - Mauricio CAMARGO & Laurent DUPONT, EPRI research using immersive technologies (at least 3 projects)


○      LabCom project : our main project with the Local SME, TEA to support innovative process of this company


○      ICE ISE project (Immersive Collaborative Environment): a research project  with Laval Virtual Center to identify criteria and properties behind Immersion and collaboration and how evaluate with qualitative and quantitative approaches.


○      Inn-Cognitif project: a multidisciplinary project with 2LPN: taking into account the cognitive dimension in use experiences in virtual or real situations


  • 9h45-10h30 : Oral presentation - The state effect of meditation on cognitive functions (Noriki YAMAYA, Ph. Student, Tohoku University)

  • 10h30-11h00 : Coffee break

  • 11h00-12h15 : Visit of the platform & Equipment: www.lf2l.fr


○      brief presentation of the 2D-3D-4D process : Mauricio CAMARGO & Laurent DUPONY & Giovanny ARBELAEZ


○      visit and demonstration using the space and our tools: Laurent Dupont & Giovanny ARBELAEZ & Anaëlle HILY


  • 12h15-13h30 : Lunch at LF2L platform (Invitation by ERPI)

  • 13h30-14h00 : Transfer from ERPI and INRIA by tramway (https://erpi.univ-lorraine.fr/)

  • 14h00-14h45 : Oral presentation - Longitudinal assessments of the enriched environmental intervention in adult male mic (Rie RYOKE, Associate Professor)

  • 14h15-15h00 : Oral presentation - Acceptability and neurosciences (Eloïse ZEHNDER, PhD student) 

  • 15h00-16h15 : Coffee break

  • 16h15-17h00 : Oral presentation - Neural basis of positive imagery intervention for social anxiety reduction (Kohei SAKAKI, Postdoc Dr.)

  • 17h00-19h00 : Visit of the platform & Equipment

  • Dinner in Nancy (free)




  • September 25th - DEPARTURE - Transfer from Nancy to Charles de Gaulle airport


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